Falling for Jenessa Dawn is easy in this lovely pictorial with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. In her happy place the countryside Jenessa is totally comfortable and irresistible. 'I grew up on the Canadian prairies with four siblings,' she tells us steps into a barn in the middle of a gorgeous prairie. 'My home country is beautiful so I spend a lot of time in nature.' Dressed in a white dress, boots and a sweet smile, Jenessa looks gorgeous as the wind blows through her bright blonde hair. Undressing with ease, you'll fall deeply into lust as she reveals a natural figure as beautiful as her surroundings. A model and a student, Jenessa is multi-talented. 'My special talent?' she asks, 'I love music! I play four instruments and sing, I like to think I'm pretty good!' When it comes to adventures, this Canadian babe is up for anything. 'I'd like to go to space! I have always been fascinated by the final frontier.' As for first dates, Jenessa needs someone as intellectual and adventurous as she is. 'Let's learn something new together! I enjoy trying out different things and going places I've never been before [on a first date.] I like any situation where I can really get to know someone.' Get to know more about this lovely blonde through her other pictorials, right here only on Playboy Plus!

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