Gracing your screens together for the first time as a part of our Playboy Girlfriends Channel, are Playboy Muses, Tabitha Elm, and Katie Jean. On set of a beautiful beach with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes capturing their beauty, these two models are thrilled to be a part of this new segment. 'It's a great opportunity to a be a little part of history,' gushes Tabitha. And Katie couldn't agree more, 'to pose nude as a Playboy model is dreamlike,' she says. 'It's an experience I will never forget!" Dressed in figure-hugging red and yellow bikinis, these two models have become great friends while shooting. In fact, their personalities shine through as they begin to laugh and joke on set while Cassandra's camera snaps away. 'Posing nude is a fun way to show off your assets,' begins Katie, 'but also a way to grow confidence. Playboy is the brand which has always supported women to express themselves sexually and confidently.' Doing just that, these two are stunning as they begin to remove pieces of each other's bikinis. 'I think my best assets would be my eyes, legs, and my lips,' shares Tabitha. We couldn't agree more. Fall deeply into lust with these two gorgeous blondes and all their sultry ways, right here, only on on Playboy Plus.

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