Join the stunning April 2018 Playmate, Nereyda Bird, on the beautiful beaches of St. Barts. On location in the Caribbean, Nereyda is totally in her element while the photography team, Wiissa snaps their cameras away at her beauty. With a series of rotating bikinis of white, orange and bright green, Nereyda tosses her top to the sand in this spread to reveal her mesmerizing all natural curves. When it comes to posing nude, Nereyda thinks it's no big deal. 'Am I allowed to complain about the whole nudity taboo,' she asks, chuckling. 'I understand we're in a weird society that can't accept certain things, but there's nothing wrong with the female body,' she says bluntly. 'We as women need to embrace ourselves. We can't be scared of being naked!' And while she's all for being called beautiful, the lovely Nereyda would rather be acknowledged for her brains. 'I like it when people tell me they like how I think,' she tells us. 'I don't mind being told I'm attractive, but it's beautiful when someone likes me for who I am.'

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